About Company

Corporate Governance

The corporate governance system of Mercury Properties LLP is based on the principle of compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It represents a set of processes ensuring management and control over the company's activities, as well as a system of relations between its management bodies - General Meeting of Participants, Supervisory Board, Executive Body - and other stakeholders.

The competencies and decision-making procedures of the company's bodies are defined and set out in the current Charter.

General meeting of members

The General Meeting of Participants of the Company represents the Supreme Body of Corporate Governance. Its functions include making strategic decisions, approving key aspects of operations and shaping the Company's general principles within the framework established by the Charter. The General Meeting of Participants ensures the transparency and legality of decisions made to ensure the interests of participants and the effective management of the Company's resources.

Supervisory Board

To exercise control over the activities of the Executive Body of the Company, the decision of the Supreme Body may provide for the establishment of a Supervisory Board, the main purpose of which is to assess the compliance of the Executive Body's actions with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Charter of the Company.

Executive Body

The Company is managed by a sole executive body - the General Director, who is the key link in operational management and implementation of strategic decisions of the Company's participants, ensuring efficient use of resources, compliance with legislative norms and standards, as well as transparency in corporate processes.