About Company


Strategic Priorities:
  • Developing expertise and building internal competencies for efficient management of commercial property assets
  • Business digitalisation - using innovative and digital technologies to optimise processes and improve operational efficiency
  • Focus on profitable assets with high operating efficiency
  • Sustainable development and ESG
  • Increasing intra-group co-operation and synergy

To create and multiply value through the effective investment and management of income-producing commercial real estate and the provision of logistics solutions to facilitate the growth and development of our clients and communities.


In each of its priority business segments, Mercury Properties is a leader, creates standards for the industry and puts ESG principles at the core of its operations.

Sustainable development

As the manager of one of the largest commercial property portfolios in Kazakhstan, we recognise that the company's stakeholders are not limited to its tenants.

We adapt world-leading management practices and implement sustainable development and corporate social responsibility standards at all levels of management to build a transparent business structure based on open, trusting relationships with employees, clients, partners and society.

Priority areas
Sustainability and ESG Priority Areas

Mercury Properties considers sustainability an integral part of its business. We are committed to following best practices in sustainability and ESG and consistently implement the latest technologies and environmental performance standards to reduce resource consumption and improve resource efficiency to create the conditions and healthy work environment for our clients' businesses to succeed and thrive.

Our sustainability and ESG activities are based on four main strategic priorities:

  • Eco-efficiency - protecting the environment and minimizing negative impacts on it
  • Energy efficiency, rational use of resources
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Investment in human capital development and employee well-being
  • Social responsibility
  • Efficient investment activities
  • Corporate governance
Contribution to the UN SDGs

The Company aligns its business goals with the public interest, considers social, environmental and governance factors (ESG) and contributes to the achievement of the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Mercury Properties recognizes its responsibility in shaping the foundations of a sustainable future and makes efforts to contribute to the achievement of the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals and the implementation of the principles of the UN Global Compact by consistently integrating sustainable development principles into business operations. Recognizing the importance of all 17 UN SDGs, Mercury Properties has focused its efforts on achieving the six Goals that are most relevant to the business and specifics of the commercial real estate industry and to which the Company is able to make a meaningful contribution.